Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How To Stay Cool When Everything Around You Is Not

Many of you might be stuck in a predicament that I first encountered several years ago while living in Boston. Let me paint a word picture: Spring is here, flowers are in full bloom, girls are out with their skimpy halter-tops and sun-dresses and I guess if you're a girl than the guys are out there in those too but the main point is: everything is great.

 Then, BOOM, the heat comes.

 The unbearable, scorching, never-ceasing heat that burns you to your core. It's tough, because you thought you had time to get an A/C or at least a few box fans but no, now you're stuck. Here are your immediate options:

1) Ice Packs/Frozen Peas

-a wonderful option I discovered a few years ago when I couldn't sleep. Fact of the matter is there's only so many times you can flip a pillow before it's all flipped out. Wrap these babies ina paper towel or actual towel and thank me later.

2) Cold Shower

-Sure some say cold showers are for psychotics but this is the best temporary fix for an undying sweltering day. It's short-lived but it gets the job done.

3) Popsicles/Ice

-We all know how I feel about popsicles. Not only are the tasty but they can cool you down too! Popsicles: Frozen Excellence

There you have it. Three really easy ways to stay cool until you get that A/C up and running.