Monday, March 2, 2009

For The Love Of Ray J Recap...Feisty Shows Up

Man, RIP Stacks huh? I understand her leaving to be with her pops, that's admirable and the girl probably realized it's more important to be with her father than stay in a competition that will so clearly be won by someone other than her. OK the highlights. Thank fucking God Lil' Hood got her skanky ass off the show. And can we talk about how Lil Hood tried to twist the shit up on Ray J saying that he was a "spoiled brat." While that may be true, c'mon stop questioning the moral values of Ray J, that's not what this show is about. At least she left with her dignity right? The end to the reverse reverse racism has finally come. She truly was the worst. In the up and comers corner we have Feisty and her awesome boobs, which she made known tonight are a force to be reckoned with. Her team threw her under the bus by making her box Lil Hood and then Unique unilaterally decided that she was a "lady" and didn't want to be "trashy" by fighting. So you send the little Latina out to do your dirty business? Poor form Unique, poor form. Unique has really been awful the past few weeks what with the shitty/forget the lyrics singing and now this weak sauce move. Feisty on the other hand showed some real chutzpah and seems like she will be around for a minute. It was a weird episode since two people left without a real elimination but we're now down to the final six. So here are the power rankings:

Week 5 Power Ranking

1. Danger - She's already slept with Ray J, and truly scared the shit out of me (and the other girls) when she put on boxing gloves.

2. Cocktail - As long as she plays the role of the spy she's going to ingratiate herself to Ray J. Smart girl but ultimately she'll be foiled by her lust for seeing others fail.

3. Feisty - Boobs and pity party were in her favor this week. All things considered a very strong showing.

4. Chardonnay - Lurking in the background but we know she can bring it.

5. Cashmere - Step it up hun, boring is a cardinal sin in this game.

6. Unique - She's gone. What the fuck was with the pussying out of the boxing shit? She can't sing and has exposed herself as a fame whore. In next weeks teaser Feisty claims she's a gold digger who's been on previous reality shows. Ruh oh.

Profile of the Week



-Not Lil' Hood


-Not So Smart
-Too nice


The world runs because of girls like Feisty. Just a nice girl who aims to please. Amen honey, Amen.

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