Monday, March 16, 2009

Chelsea Handler Is The Worst Person Ever

Osama who? Holy shit this bitch is annoying. Who the fuck are you to grill Ray J? Like he was actually looking for love on his show. Her questions aren't terrible but the way she asks them is insufferable. Why does she have to say shit like such a bitch? I've never watched Chelsea Lately but if this is her shtick I for the life of me cannot figure out how she has a TV show? "Heeeey, listen to me whine and act holier than thou when my whole career is based off of celebrity gossip and rumors." Shut the fuck up. She's also dating the guy who runs Comcast Entertainment Division which wait for it...wait for it...runs E!. I guess that explains how she got the TV show. Womp womp. The worst.

Here's a clip of her being a bitch to Ray J.

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Anonymous said...

oh seem like the kind of dude who wacks off alone twice a day.