Monday, April 6, 2009

For The Love Of Ray J Recap...Danger, She Smashed The Homey

Again, this show is like an avalanche. It just keeps growing and growing in its never ending quest for awesomeness. This week we have the three girls left (Cocktail, Danger, and Unique) meeting Ray J's family and friends. Gotta say Danger was at a serious disadvantage here. No, not because of the tattoo on her face but because Ray J's friends hate her because she fucked a mutual friend and went on a date with his producer. She wasn't in the wrong but some random girl got all in her face. To make matters worse Tom Green got a cipher going where they all chanted "Danger! She smashed the homey!" Not good for business. Luckily for her Lil B totally has her back because Lil B is great.

Ray J's parents showed up and each girl kinda freaked out in her own special way. Unique wouldn't shut up about how awesome and conservative she was. Cocktail had an "outer body" experience and forgot how to make words. And Danger kinda zapped out and got emotional. Mom Dukes decided that no girl was good enough for Ray J and that confused Ray J. When it came time for eliminations Ray J felt like he didn't have enough information so he chose not to eliminate anybody. Yeah, he can do that. All in all it was a solid episode and we had Danger freaking out at the end because she doesn't want Ray J to meet her family. I think unfortunately that's gonna get the best of her and she's gonna excuse herself from the competition.

Week 10 Power Rankings

1. Cocktail - I think she's gonna take this one. If and only if Danger steps out next week.

2. Unique - Don't let her being ahead of Danger fool you. She's the loser in this whole thing because it's gonna come down to her and Cocktail.

3. Danger - I feel like she's gonna bow out because of the family shit.

Profile of the Week

Ray J's Parents

(Photo not of Ray J's actual parents)


-Well, Mama Norwood was pretty observant
-Papa Norwood wore a bluetooth.


-None, they've raised the perfect son.


I think it's clear who runs this family. I loved how Ray J's dad ranked all the girls but then changed his rankings to no one after Ray J's mom said none of the girls was right for him.

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