Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Immediately Regret This Decision

In Germany at a Berlin Zoo some crazy lady decided to jump into the polar bear exhibit and frolic with polar bears. Because that seems like a completely logical and sane thing to do. She swam towards the bears during FEEDING TIME and was all happy and joyful because she was about to go play with the cutesy wootsy bear bears. It was all fun and games until the bears immediately decided to bite and try to eat her. She was rescued eventually by being pulled up by a life vest but not before her fat ass broke the first line. I say the next time someone jumps into a bear pit we just let nature do its thing. Here's some pics:

"Hey, look at me! This gonna be awesome and is no way a terrible idea!"

"This is just like the Kingdom of Caring. I hope this is Funshine Bear!"

"AGHHHHH, turns out it was Gumpy Bear!! Where is his rainy cloud? If only I had known!!!"

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