Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For The Love Of Ray J Recap...Chicago Larry Shows Up

This was a great reunion special. We learned that Ray J and Cocktail are still together, which is bizarre to me. We found out Danger isn't pregnant with Ray J's baby. We also got more confirmation that Unique is the worst via an awesome audience member (or Ray J girl?) who yelled out "least she got paid for it" when Unique was trying to talk shit about Danger being a prostitiute. Amen. Chardonnay admitted that she still has feelings for Ray J which is awkward because Ray J won't just admit that he's not that in to her. Although, he did pull out the best explanation of now how they're off the show and he can have sex free from shame. Even the audience applauded him on that one. The best part of the night was when Chicago Larry came out and had to sit there awkwardly explaining how it's just about "business" with Caviar. Yeah, business Larry, I read you loud and clear. Oh yeah and Cashmere was looking niiiiiice. Shouldn't be too long before Ray J 2 comes along.

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