Monday, March 16, 2009

For The Love Of Ray J Recap...Poor Cashmere

Awwww man. Too bad Cashmere left because she was making some serious moves this week. Calling out Cocktail was a great move but unfortunately she's too nice of a person to defend herself when the trio of Cocktail, Danger, and Chardonnay ganged up on her. Cocktail also got called out by Feisty (weak attempt) and she kind of defended herself. Not really. While the overt story line was clearly Cashmere stepping up and then stepping down, the subtle underlying subplot was Unique revealing herself to be the biggest bizatch in the house. Unique is a special breed of bitch. The type of girl who thinks she's hot shit but in reality isn't good at anything except shitty hating and cattiness. I'm really looking forward to her mental breakdown and subsequent ejection. What's bizzare to me is that she's still somehow under the impression that she's a good singer. Ugh, Unique you truly are the worst.

Oh and can we talk about how Ray J ordered pineapple kamikazes at a fancy dinner? C'mon man. Damn.

Week 7 Power Rankings

1. Danger - Baaaad bitch. I think she's got this one on lock.

2. Feisty - Such a cute girl, but I don't think she's cut out for this when all is said and done. Too naive and nice. Hell, she's just a party girl who's looking for a good time.

3. Chardonnay - She's gotta step it up because she's fading fast.

4. Cocktail - Well, the good news is she's been replaced by Unique as the worst person in the house.

5. Unique - Insufferable, praying she leaves next week.

Profile of the Week



-Booty like whoa
-Genuine Person


-Real Person
-Too nice


Cashmere was real cool, sadly that was her downfall. It's too bad she didn't take the champagne glass because she was a real nice girl. She's the type of girl who would make a great girlfriend and unfortunately that didn't help her in this competition. It's probably best that she left to be honest.

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