Monday, March 23, 2009

Comment Of The Week

As HardPeaches gains in popularity (it's the 2nd biggest blog in my apartment!) I tend to get more and more comments on posts. Some from people I know and some from shadowy faced losers who refuse to identify themselves. This week has already gotten off to a great start with this gem being delivered to me early this morning. This comment is in regards to my Chelsea Handler post from last week:

"oh seem like the kind of dude who wacks off alone twice a day."

Thanks for that Kemosabe. I'd like to point out that wacking off kind of implies I'm alone already. If I wasn't, I'm pretty sure that falls under a different category. Almost a solid burn close.


Zach said...

haha. your response is a zinger. the original comment is far from burn status.

Dr. Horrible said...

You only whack off alone? You pussy

Saleem said...

If I knew who Chelsea Handler was I'd probably agree