Monday, March 30, 2009

For The Love Of Ray J Recap...Ray J Kinda Freaks Out

This was another extremely solid episode. Listen, this show took a cue from another one of my favorite shows, Maury, and brought in the lie detector. In fact, I think that was the same lie detector guy that they use on the Maury show. The overarching theme of this episode was how Danger is crazy and Unique is horrible. Ray J also wasn't feeling Chardonnay at all (did you see what she did on the pole Ray J, did you!?) Danger kinda lost her shit because Unique put down some pretty rough questions for the lie detector and Danger just powered through them answering pretty truthfully and choosing not to pass. Unique on the other hand lied about pretty much everything and we also found out that Cocktail is pretty insecure and doesn't have the highest self-esteem. That's alright Cocktail that shirt you were wearing was fucking great. Brandy was pretty much useless and got fooled by Unique. I tried to get mad at Brandy for thinking Unique was good but I remember that at one point even I liked Unique. If you don't have a camera trained on her it's hard to read that she's the worst. Chardonnay actually did the best on the lie detector and won her first one-on-one date with Ray J. I thought they had already had a one-on-one but I guess not. They go out to dinner and Ray J starts babbling about family love vs. other love and starts acting all weird. Ultimately, it came down to Ray J not being attracted to Chardonnay so he kicked her off setting up the final three: Danger, Unique and Cocktail.

The subplot of this episode was how Ray J kinda freaked out after the lie detector results. It actually got pretty intense in the house. Ray J started to crack during his dinner with Chardonnay where he started rambling about this category of love and that kind of love. Destination: Weirdville. Population: Ray J. That prompted Ray J to decide he's having the elimination early slash the producers didn't plan anything to fill up a whole episode. Then Ray J goes through the whole rigmarole and eventually dismisses Chardonnay. Chardonnay will be fine she was cool. To quote Danger from next week's episode, "someone needs to drive me to the hospital" because this shit is getting intense!

Week 9 Power Rankings

1. Danger - She's cool but she definitely has to get her shit together.

2. Cocktail - Could do some damage here, watch out.

3. Unique - Ugh.

Profile of the Week



-Fine, she's really good at making people think she's "real" and she's not, not at all.


-"Evil, vindictive, she's fat, she smells funny and she's mean."


I'll admit she even had me fooled the first few episodes. She's good at putting on a front. She's not as good as she thinks she is at putting on a front but she's not bad at it. Hell, she even conned Brandy tonight, and we all know Brandy is about as observant as it can get. We know that right? Whatever, I hope she leaves although I get the feeling they're setting us up with a Danger-Unique final.

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