Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For The Love Of Ray J

Let me start by saying if you're not watching this show, start watching this show. I gave it three full episodes before I decided to chime in on this beast. I'm confident now in saying that this is easily one of the best shows on television right now. In case you don't know Ray J is Brandy's brother who also has a sex tape where he goes to town on Kim Kardashian. The premise of the show is that Ray J is sick and tired of the party scene and party girls and is now looking for true love. Yes, the concept is tired and lame but the content is where this show really shines. This week Stilts got the boot because she's married. Yeah, that might be a problem. The first two episodes we lost Hot Cocoa (old), Atomic Bomb (boring), Naturalle (wanna be actress) and Genuine (wanna be actress). Here's a power ranking and I'll also feature a profile of a girl I think stands an actual chance of "winning" the show.

Week 3 Power Ranking

1. Danger - She's got him by the balls plus it came out this week that she says he impregnated her during the filming of the show. That helps.

2. Chardonnay - Still going strong even though she's pissed that Danger's clearly in the lead

3. Unique - Cute girl who I think hasn't done much to hurt her chances, preview indicates she freaks out next week but I still think she's safe

4. Stacks - Stacks showed some personality this week and she's pretty hot. She's still in it.

5. Cashmere - Cashmere is so quiet. Is she quiet because she's mysterious or dumb? We're gonna find out. The cardinal sin of this show is to be boring.

6. Cocktail - The Spy. She's fixated on exposing everyone else. Super insecure. She's either due for a breakdown or will craftily maneuver to the top 5.

7. Feisty - Gotta love whores. Don't know if it's enough to help her stick around though.

8. Lil Hood - I'm just hoping this isn't a case of reverse reverse racism. She's clearly busted and lacks any discernable talent or personality so why is she still around?

9. Caviar - I really like this girl but she's ridiculously dumb. Clearly in it for the publicity and also appears to have some super skeezeball boyfriend/manager/photographer named Larry. I hope she can survive another round but it's not looking good.

Profile of the Week



-Did the splits slash fucked the floor
-Put ice cream and nuts all over her body
-Read Ray J a poem


-Kind of a bitch


Chardonnay is a contender. I definitely think she will be in the top 3 providing she can survive the impending mental breakdown and/or catfight(s)

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