Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brett Favre Retires...Again

Quick! Name a way you can waste 12 million dollars? If you don't know just call up the Jets and they'll tell you. Brett Favre informed the Jets today that he will retire (again). What this probably means is that he'll go play for the Vikings or some other NFC North team so he can stick it to the people who supported him for 16 years. Has there ever been a better example of a wolf in sheep's clothing than Brett Favre? The guy gets built up as though he's the greatest human being ever and for what? Because he throws a lot of interceptions? Or maybe because he was addicted to pills? Or maybe because he held his former team hostage for 3 straight seasons? Or whas it that time he completely ruined the Jets? Well ruined them more. I guess we can't totally blame him for fucking up the Jets. To be fair to him they're in a constant state of fuckedupness. Anyways, good riddance to you Brett Favre. Take your shuckster, sadsack routine somewhere else. I'm sure your whole fucking family secretely despises you and is loathing the fact you're gonna be around now since publicly you're the biggest two-timing hypcocrite ever. It's only natural that you would carry that into your personal life. Peace bitch, it's been real.

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