Monday, April 27, 2009


You know what today is? Today is the day I kick it old school over at Hard Peaches and actually write about shit. Yeah you remember, back when Hard Peaches was just getting started and people didn't complain that all I do is post videos?

I figure I'll get the day started with an excellent dessert treat that a lot of people don't seem to remember. Show of hands, how many of you ever fucked with Viennetta? When I was younger this was the holy grail of frozen desserts (yes that's a thing). It's an ice cream cake chocolate delicious yummy awesome thing that seriously used to rock my world. I was randomly reminded of it yesterday because I brought up my oh so popular opinion that cakes aren't so great and that if I have to eat a cake ice-cream cakes are the way to go. They are by the way. I don't know if they still make Viennetta but if they do, do yourself a favor and check it out, you can thank me later with some Viennetta.

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