Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"I Survived" Is Awesome

I recently discovered a hidden gem of a channel in the Biography Channel. A friend tipped me off because they were showing a Randy Jackson biography and hey, you're not gonna not watch a Randy Jackson bio. In addition to this wonderful channel showing tons of biographies they also show all these crazy crime and psychic shows. Can you say wheelhouse? A show that I particularly enjoyed over this long weekend (note: they're all long to me) was "I Survived." It's a show where different people describe harrowing experiences that each of them somehow survived despite amazing odds against them. You know, things like kidnappings, murder attempts, hostage situations, wilderness mishaps, machinery errors, just crazy fucking shit. Usually I'm not into stuff like that but man is it riveting! I like to watch it so if I ever encounter a situation on the show I'll know what to do. For instance if you get shot in the head 4 times and stabbed in the neck 27 times it's wise not to die. Valuable info right there. Anyways, I endorse the Bio Channel heavily and you should definitely check it out.

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