Monday, May 11, 2009

Pizza Hut Preys On Dumb Families

The pizza wars seem to be heating up right now. See what I did there? Heating up? Pizza? Get it? No? Fuck you. Anyways, Domino's has been advertising their Bread Bowls which to me just seem like a horrible horrible idea (if by horrible I mean the the 10th time I saw the commercial I totally wanted one) and Pizza Hut has been big upping their new Tuscani Pasta. Now in Pizza Hut's latest commercial they take a family and blindfold them to do a taste test on their new pasta. We've seen all the other commercials and we definitely don't believe that people can't tell the difference between a nice Italian restaurants pasta and Pizza Hut's. But Pizza Hut is taking it to another level. This family is blindfolded led back into their house where the Pizza Hut people reveal that they've BEEN IN THEIR HOUSE THE WHOLE TIME!!! Now don't get me wrong, either this is the stupidest fucking family in the United States or Pizza Hut is full of shit. For the family's sake let's hope that Pizza Hut are a bunch of liars and their buttery gross pasta is stupid and this ad campaign is retarded. Because the other option is accepting the fact that this family (all of them) didn't realize that they were in their own home at their own table in their own kitchen. Hey let's get in the "car" guys. Geez this is a really quiet car. Oh yeah it's a Hybrid they're really sweet. Well here we are at the restaurant guys ready for some pasta? Man that restaurant was really close it hardly seemed like we even went anywhere. No, no we're totally at a different location how's the pasta? Amazing...oh my God we're in our on home hyuk hyuk we're morons.

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