Monday, January 28, 2013

Am I Really Starting Hard Peaches Up Again?

I was reviewing the first post I ever made for Hard Peaches the other day- because I love looking at things I've done and then subsequently stopped- and I got a little nostalgic. Call me an elitist douche-bag (I know a lot of you actually did that just now) but some of the posts on here are pretty funny.

This post will try to determine whether I hang up the finger gloves for good or whether I try to pull a Rocky V and beat the crap out of Ivan Drago and thus save capitalism and the world. Ivan Drago in this case being me stopping writing blog posts. And yes, I know I nailed that analogy.

When I was trying to decide whether to do this again (please tell us more about your decision making you say) I tried to keep a few things in mind.

Not me

1) Is This Good Enough For Me To Keep Doing?

I can entertain myself for years just by playing with a ball of yarn. Wait, no that's not me, that's a cat. Still, I'm very easily entertained. But just because I possess the capacity to entertain myself doesn't mean I should be writing things and then encouraging people to go read them. My main goal with this site was to entertain other people. Even when I was just finishing up college and thought blogging would be something fun to do, I was aware of the fact that I created this corner of the web to make other people laugh.

Robert DeNiro with his granddaughter? 

2) No More Lampooning "Pop Culture"

It's not that pop culture doesn't provide plenty of fodder, it's that it's too easy to make fun of it. I mean, I could write a ton of posts just making fun of the people who make fun of stuff (note to self: do this.) That's how meta I am. Everyone and their mom has a blog where they make fun of the latest thing any C-list celebrity says or does. It's too easy. Plus, I don't really follow "popular culture" as much as I did a few years ago. Now, I get all my celebrity news while making fun of my girlfriend when she reads about people I've never heard of on her iPad. Alexandra Bliff is a person right?

This kid and me are what they call simpatico

3) No More Posts That Are Just Funny Videos or Pictures

With the advent of social media and Reddit I assume all of you are getting your fill of funny videos and images elsewhere. Also, it's super lazy to just embed a video or picture and call it a day. That doesn't mean I won't embed funny pictures into posts because that is definitely still happening.

And that's it. That's the criteria for keeping up with this blog. If I can still come up with interesting things to say and keep myself and other people entertained after eliminating all of that stuff, then I'll keep it up. If not,  you will see my publicly humiliate myself because I'm not a good enough writer to come up original ideas unless Chris Brown does something stupid.

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