Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Hangover

Ahhh "The Hangover." Was this the best comedy of the year? I sure fucking hope not. See now, the problem with "The Hangover" is the pre-hype and the post-hype. It wasn't a bad movie but by no stretch of the imagination was it a good movie. It sits comfortably in between right at average funny movie. Zach Galifiniakis (dude with the beard) was the shining beacon of hilarity in an otherwise meandering yarn about a trip to Vegas. Just how average of a movie was it? Even Ed Helms wasn't good in it. In fact, several times his character was just plain annoying. Bradley Cooper was good I guess but really a non-factor if you ask me. Sure, there are some funny scenes in it (mainly with Galifiniakis) but overall this movie isn't as good as everyone is telling you it is. I don't know if it's the previews or just peer pressure but comparing it to a movie like the recent "I Love You Man" or even the under the radar "Hot Rod" this movie ain't all that. See it if you must but if you don't you're not missing anything special.

Official Hard Peaches rating: 5.6/10

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