Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Irrational" Fear of Flying

Today, we'll be dealing with what some refer to as an "irrational" fear of flying. Proponents of the term "irrational fear" when dealing with boarding commercial airliners often point to the probability of actually encountering a mishap that leads to a plane crashing. People often bring up that "car crashes are much more statistically probable than a plane crash." OK, fair enough. I will acknowledge that car crashes are more likely than commercial airline crashes, however, more people drive than fly. That's a fact Jack. In addition how many people out there get knives thrown at their heads for a circus act? I bet the probability of people dying from knives being thrown at their heads for the majority of us is really low. Even the circus performers probably rarely die. You want to go try that out? Right.

The overarching point of this is I am what you would call apprehensive when it comes to flying. I'll fly if I have to but if I do I'm putting back at least 3 Tanqueray and Tonics before I board. I know there are way more easy and probable ways to die but fuck if I'm gonna up my chance by getting on one of these death flights. I once read the book "Airframe" but Michael Chrichton and that pretty much sealed the deal on my "irrational fear." Actually, no it didn't "Air Emergency" the show sealed the deal. I just don't trust it and if that makes it irrational then so be it.

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