Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Celebrity Hotness Scale: Megan Fox

It's the age-old debate. How hot is a celebrity? I mean, really? The mere fact that a celebrity is a celebrity most likely guarantees a certain base-level of hotness. That much is a given. But then it gets complicated. This isn't the "would you hit it?" test. That test has no bearing in the celebrity hotness query. The real question is, "is this (in this case and in every case that will be discussed here) female celebrity worthy of all the attention being thrown her way?" The issue is highlighted with the newest "it" girl Megan Fox. I guess there's some other "it" girls right now but I don't watch "Twilight" so whatever. Now, Megan Fox is hot. You see this girl on the street she's a 10. But on the celebrity hotness scale I'm not seeing her actual hotness fall in line with what she's being credited for. I even saw that someone said she's the next Angelina Jolie in terms of being a universal sex symbol. Granted, I may have seen that on a homeless guys cardboard message sign but nevertheless. Me personally? I use a celebrity sliding hotness scale (because these are the things I come up with in my spare time) that takes into account their actual attractiveness and the fact that they are being sold to us as consumers as the ultimate in terms of sexiness and hotness. On my scale Ms. Fox is sitting at a solid 8. Guess what people, poll time. Adhering to the celebrity hotness scale how hot is Megan Fox?

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