Monday, October 27, 2008

Awesome Dolphins Post of the Week

Ha. Ha. Ha. The Bills. God love 'em. I mean 5-1 definitely got them sippin that kool-aid. They hadn't played any divisional games yet and pretty much beat up on weaklings but old Leroy down at the bar was talking 13-3 at halftime. I love it. The highlights:

  • Ted Ginn Jr. has 7 catches for 175 yards. That wasn't a typo.
  • Joey Porter is unstoppable. 2 more sacks and 2 forced fumbles one leading to a safety. Joey is gonna be Defensive MVP. You heard it hear first. It's very reminiscent of when JT won MVP in 2006. You just know Joey is gonna step up and make a huge play when it really matters. Wonderful.
  • Turnovers. 4 to 1 in favor of the Dolphins. Our DB's held on to balls (pause) when they were thrown directly at them and fumbles galore. Very encouraging.
Trust me I'm not gonna start going crazy and saying this team is gonna be awesome this year. In all likelyhood we won't be great. But if the Dolphins can maintain some consistency we've proven we can at least win some games people don't expect us to win. Thanks for the unanimous picks against us NFL Gameday crew. Suck it Chris Berman!

*Bonus Story*

So I decided to drink pitchers to myself at the bar this weekend because I was sandwiched between two Bills fans and everyone in that area kind of hates me because I'm a huge asshole. So I was feeling it and I saw a guy in a Redskins jersey so I went up to tell him that the Lions suck and that the Redskins got it. I go up touch this guy's shoulder and he freaks the fuck out. He starts yelling at me, "Don't touch me, don't touch me. Don't fucking touch me!" Turns out he's a regular and a few of my bar friends there know him and he's not a bad guy just really weird. Regardless, my friends were sitting right next to him at the opposite end of the bar from from where I was so I'd get up once in a while to harass them about the Jets almost losing to Kansas City. Next to my friends was a woman who I'm guessing was no younger than 80 years old. Every time I would get up and go over there she proceeded to wag her finger at me and go, "No touchy, no touchy!" Then she took a tequila shot with everyone. Anyways moral of the story is if you see a fat red-headed guy at a bar wearing a Redskins jersey with MOE on the back of it do not touch him.

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