Thursday, October 23, 2008

WTF PSA of the Day

One of my favorite things is ridiculous PSA's. Public service announcements for those not in the know. This one is particularly noteworthy. Now, I should point out that a lot of people find this to be horrible and not funny in the least. You really can't take the middle ground on this one. I personally find it hilarious. I mean, I get that the message is supposed to be that landmines are bad and in countries where they have them horrible shit happens. I get that. However, whoever produced this went a little bit, hmmm how should I put this...batshit insane. The dad in this should get a freaking Emmy for this commercial. Or at least a motherfucking Soap award. His overacting is priceless. The way he runs over. The way he screams, "Staaaaacy" and "AGHHHHH!" I mean that's a true fucking thespian right there. Plus the little girl limping off. Legendary. So we're gonna have a poll on this video since after showing to this to some people they have labeled me a heartless fuck.

P.S. How bad is the fucking red team? I mean that's the easiest goal ever.

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