Monday, October 20, 2008

Depressing Dolphins Post of the Week

"Who's Unibrow up there?" you might be asking yourself. It's none other than Ravens quarterback (and projected bust of the decade excluding Brady Quinn) Joe Flacco. Has there ever been a more wienertastic picture of an NFL QB? Oh right. Regardless, this motherfucker threw to one person the entire game. How many times do I have to sit at the bar yelling at the TV to cover Derrick Mason before the Dolphins coaches can hear me? God damnit! If it wasn't for Joey Porter and Ronnie Brown I'd have nothing to look forward to on Sunday. Luckily those two are Pro Bowl bound and make the Dolphins bearable. Fuck you Joe Flacco and your unibrow!

Oh and a special fuck you to Cam Cameron. You sleazy milquetoast motherfucker, I hope you choke on your fish sandwich (I took the liberty of assuming he has a fish sandwich and a milk for every meal of the day).

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Fish Taco said...

nobody eats fish sandwiches anymore...