Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sick Days

Sick days kinda suck now. When I was young I remember always exaggerating various illnesses so I could stay home sick. Back then being sick usually entailed watching Gilligan's Island and Golden Girls all day. Now when I get sick I get scenes like today. Which basically entailed me calling various doctor's in Manhattan to make sure they A) accepted my insurance and B) the co-pay was low enough. Fun. On top of that the guy I saw shoved a camera up my nose just so he could look around. I wasn't very fond of that maneuver to be honest. He had to numb my nose up and put this weird paste in there then stuck the camera thingy up there. Ugh. Plus antibiotics are a fucking rip. So yeah being sick now actually sucks and wasn't the awesome time it was when I was ten.

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