Sunday, November 2, 2008

Awesome Dolphins Post of the Week

Hey, I could get used to this winning stuff. Feeling pretty good right now. Very solid victory. I was a little surprised how ineffective our running game was considering how bad the Broncos were against the run coming in, but whatever. The best thing about this game is how we shut down Denver's receivers. Brandon Marshall was completely shut down. Definitely did not see that one coming. Jason Allen stepped up and played very well helping out with an interception. Will Allen also had a pick six. And of course Peezy got a sack. That's 11.5 on the season for Joey. He's clearly the emotional leader of the team at this point. As well he should be considering the way he was jawing and hollering at the Broncos the whole game how can you not rally around the dude? Oh and don't overlook our rush defense. Denver had 14 yards on the ground the entire game. Yeah. Listen we're 4-4 right now. If the Patriots lose tonight we'll be one game behind every team in the division. Plus we have a 2-1 divisional record. Also, take a look at our upcoming games:

  • Seattle at home
  • Oakland at home
  • New England at home
  • At St. Louis
  • At Buffalo
  • San Francisco at home
  • At Kansas City
  • At New York Jets
All I'm saying is, we should and can win at least 5 of those games. That puts us at 9 wins. Before the season that record was unfathomable. Now it's just idealistic hoping. I'll take it. Watch out NFL the Dolphins are on the upswing.

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