Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chris Berman Can't Get Enough Of That Haterade

A few pundits are getting a little crazy and picking Miami to win the AFC East. Hey stranger things have happened right? I'm not one of those people saying they're gonna win the division but I'm definitely not ruling it out. However, resident pottymouth Chris Berman has a serious bug up his ass for his pathetic Buffalo Bills and can't stand to see anything good happen to the Dolphins. When asked who could win the AFC East here's what Berman had to say,

“I asked the question who is the best team in the division? My head is telling me New England – expect to win, they know how to win, their coaching is great and they’ve got a lot of guys who won’t accept losing at all. My heart is telling me Buffalo – Yes, I enjoy a team being built, and seeing them, kind of, grow. Though, that’s settling a little bit. But my eyes, from last week, the Jets are an interesting team.”

Oh, so basically you like everyone to win the division except the Dolphins. Way to pick a team fucktard. Sorry we predictably beat your pathetic Bills a few weeks ago but at least try to pull your balding dome out of your pooper long enough to appreciate that the Dolphins have as much of a chance as anyone to win that division. Fucker.

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