Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What's Matt Light Up To?

Hey look who it is. It's Channing Crowder helping out needy families. Yeah he and a ton of other Miami Dolphins players chose to give back to the community this week and helped out the less fortunate to make sure they had food for Thanksgiving. What a class act. I wonder what Matt Light is up to? Probably raping seals. The NFL still hasn't announced any suspensions for the insane head bashing Matt Light engaged in this past Sunday. The NFL is super shady and crazy anyway when it comes to the Patriots. They let them get away with cheating for God knows how long and clearly have no problem holding them to some convoluted double standard. Whatever, the Football Gods do not stand for these type of shenanigans. Fuck you Matt Light.


If some joker tries to point out that Matt Light started a foundation save your breath. We all know that's just a ruse for his fight against the fight to stop AIDS. Dick.

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