Sunday, November 30, 2008

Awesome Dolphins Post of the Week?

We beat the Rams. Nice. 3 ints by Marc Bulger and we beat the Rams by 4. Cool. We won.

Now that we have that out of the way. The Patriots also got spanked today by the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Wrath Of The Football Gods. The Jets also got smushed by the lowly Bronocs. I guess the Broncos lead their division but they still suck. I watched the Broncos-Jets game with a Brett Favre fan and some of the absolute shit that comes out of his mouth regarding Favre is legendary. Incidentally here's some things I saw Brett Favre do that proves he's the best ever:

  • Once there was a panda bear that wouldn't have sex with any other panda bears to ensure their species lived on. So Brett Favre had sex with the panda and made new baby pandas that had a penchant for throwing debilitating interceptions. That's how good Brett Favre is.
  • I once saw Brett Favre waterski using sharks as the waterskis. That's how good Brett Favre is.
Fuck the Jets.

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