Thursday, January 8, 2009

The FedEx Orange Bowl

Florida plays Oklahoma tonight to determine the BCS champion. Hooray! Rather than tell you why NCAA football needs a playoff system (it does) I'll just tell you that I don't really give a shit about college football. That being said, here's my breakdown of the game. Tim Tebow is good but I think he's a doofus so he sucks. Sam Bradford is amazing and accurate so he's good. Therefore Oklahoma wins. Happy? No? Fuck you. Granted, the last time I was this apathetic about a BCS title game Texas played USC and that was an incredible game. Who was the MVP of that one? Oh yeah, this guy. So you can see why even though college football has the potential to be interesting even the best players who play in the best games often don't translate into great NFL players. That's fundamentally why it's hard for me to get into college football. Also, I went to a freaking music school where we didn't have a college football team so maybe I'm just a hater. Yup, that's probably the more likely reason.

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