Sunday, January 4, 2009

Miami Dolphins Season Recap

Well our season ended today with a disappointing 27-9 loss to the Baltimore Ravens (who by the way are a great team with about as much class as a Geo Metro). Take it for what it's worth but when you have 5 turnovers and still are in a position to win it in the 4th quarter you're not a bad team. Shit, we weren't supposed to be here. So while I'm not happy we didn't get farther in the playoffs we definitely will be back. Oh and please spare me with all this Parcells leaving bullshit. If he goes, he goes. If he stays, he stays. We'll be fine either way. Honestly and truly if anyone tries to say the Dolphins aren't legit or hate in any conceivable way make sure you don't say that to my face. Not only will it prove you know absolutely nothing about football but it most likely will cause me to lose respect for you as a person. Sports fan or not respect what the Dolphins did this year. If you can't appreciate that then enjoy your miserable existence. Great season guys, it was a blast.

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