Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Real Housewives Of Orange County (Season 4)

This is definitely one of my all-time favorite reality shows. Many of my friends can confirm this since I routinely force its' excellence on house guests.

This show should just be called "How To Judge, Guilt Free."

What ultimately ends up happening during the course of any given episode is you begin to judge the fuck out of the housewives some of which aren't even housewives (I'm looking at you Jeana).

It's fucking great and you don't have to feel bad because they're mostly awful people.

Plus, it's just an awesome show.

Take this week for instance. Tamra had a house party to show off her new skills after taking an etiquette class.

 Gretchen inevitably gets tanked because Tamra and Tamra's son, Ryan, keep feeding her tequila shots. Ryan keeps making creepy moves on Gretchen (who's fiancee is battling bone marrow cancer) and eventually they sneak into a room together.

It's almost Shakespearian.

Personally, I think Tamra is awful and the worst person but that's probably because her husband Simon is gay and he hasn't told anyone yet (just a theory but it's 100% accurate).

Gretchen is dumb but hopefully she doesn't fuck Ryan because that's weird and creepy and pretty horrible for the fiancee who's in the hospital.

Also everyone pretty much confirmed that Lynne smokes mad weed with her pot-head husband.

By the way this show is real. It's like if, "The OC" were real but everyone on the show was 30 years older.

If you're not watching this you're totally missing out.

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Dan Marino said...

wow sounds you watched some great television last night
did you do your nails afterward?