Monday, January 5, 2009

Superstars Of Dance

I'm a little under the weather so my judgment has been a tad skewed the past few days. A convenient excuse for why I found myself watching the new NBC show, "Superstars of Dance" last night. It's amazing what a little sickness and the lack of Sunday Night Football will do to a person. By the way this show should have been called, "Why Ireland Is The Best At Dancing." Between Michael Flatley and the ridiculous scores the Irish people got for their retarded jigs this show is a total con job. Anyways, much to my dismay I found myself thoroughly enjoying this shitfest of a show. The dancing was pretty stupid and boring but the judges were fucking awesome. The Argentine judge was absolutely off the wall. She was definitely under the influence of something. Also, there is no possible way these were the best dancers in the world. Impossible. Basically, the judges based their scores on what would make them look least like an asshole. So when the South African guy danced in his loincloth with sexually suggestive gestures people reacted accordingly. In reality that dance was probably like a 6. But of course the American judge gave him a 10. His own special form of reparations. Yeah, now it's even buddy, well done. Anyways, this show is cool, and the Indian dances are especially awesome. Oh yeah, and those Chinese Monks they were big upping? Fucking terrible.

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