Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lost Recap

A new season of Lost began last night. Rather than try to even attempt a legitimate recap let me just say that it's becoming completely apparent that the creators and writers of Lost are intentionally fucking with us all. Time travel, ghosts, people dying who aren't dead, people who are alive who are supposed to be dead it just makes no sense. Either way, I'm on board. Can't get off this ride now, I'm in too deep. Incidentally, I tried to watch this show with a bunch of avid Lost viewers and a couple of people who had never seen the show. Huge mistake. Like, I don't want to hate you for asking questions that are fair because you've never seen the show but for real, shut the fuck up. I kept having to go back and rewind over and over again because of the constant yapping. This season should be pretty good, but I will say that the season premiere didn't completely satisfy my huge Lost boner.

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