Monday, September 8, 2008

Am I Gross For Wanting To Watch The Mini-Me Sex Tape?

Let's be clear. When a celebrity or anything close to a celebrity comes out with a sex-tape I watch it. Call it what you want, but I do it. It combines two things I enjoy thoroughly, celebrity gossip and porn. Just two of my many vices. So a few weeks ago it was revealed that Verne Troyer has a sex-tape with one of his ex-girlfriend(s). I clearly watched the preview that was released at the time. It was gross and weird and yeah I watched it more than once. Today comes news that the full tape is being sold on the internet. Obviously I'm not plunking down any money to see this monstrosity of a video but if I can find it for free I'm totally watching it. I can't even pinpoint exactly why I want to watch it but it's something deep inside my soul that needs to be satisfied. I'm not saying I'm going to get off to it (...) but I mean, I have to see this. His girl isn't even that cute either and he's barely even a celebrity but nevertheless I'm intrigued. In conclusion I'm a perv.

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