Friday, September 12, 2008


For those who know, the mere sight of that board should incite many emotions within you. Very solid candidate for best board game. Definitely in my top 5 ever. I like it because you don't necessarily have to be a great drawer (which I am not) to rule at this game. In fact being a really good drawer often gets you into trouble. You spend time drawing a great water buffalo that looks exactly like one would look and next thing you know, I'm over there with an an ocean and some scribbled ass chicken-wing kicking your ass. Don't get me wrong if you can draw well you're definitely golden but don't get too fancy there hotshot. You can always tell a savvy vet in this game because they bust out the sounds like. Sounds like is my shit, I will rhyme any word with any word. Another awesome thing about this game is how it's sometimes impossible to draw something. Quick, draw apathy. Yeah, good luck champ. This game is awesome.

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