Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Tyra Banks Show

This is hands down one of my favorite shows ever. Granted, I've only been watching it for a few weeks but my DVR is full of them. After a long hard day nothing helps me unwind more than watching me some Tyra. Now, at least 2/3 of you are thinking I've lost it. To you I say, watch the show. It is amazing. You see, Tyra has classic hot girl syndrome. Someone who is so ridiculously hot she gets away with being totally insane. It's understandable. Who is gonna tell Tyra she's acting a fool? No one, that's who. What makes the show so incredibly amazing is Tyra's impromptu outbursts. She has a repetoire of about 75 faces that she uses to perfection. She can also turn on the ghetto-talk like nobody's business. Plus she smiles with her eyes. Then there are the topics for the show. Just a few highlights I've seen. The "squashing" episode where 500+ lb women sit on men in some odd fetish that way too many dudes seemed to be into. The "growing-up gay in the hood" episode. The "real sex in the city" episode. The "fashionista to recessionista" episode. I mean I won't even try to do justice to these shows by re-capping them. The "Kardashians" episode was real special. Just to look at the audience members behind Tyra who had the most judgmental and hateful faces while looking at Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney. Priceless. Most people scoff when I tell them this show is good, then I make them watch it and I've yet to find a person who is not on board by the end of one episode. Oh and hell yeah I got tickets for October. It's gonna be awesome.

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