Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Karma Breaks Tom Brady's Knee

I know I've been a little bit lax with the postings lately. Between moving, trying to find a job, and having no internet (arguably the most important factor) I've been pretty busy. Oh yeah and I've been on a week long bender which shows no signs of letting up. Regardless, on to much bigger and better news. Tom Brady. Yeah Tom Brady, yeah. Remember last season, right before the Superbowl when Brady laughed at Plaxico Burress for predicting a win? His smug butt-chin out in full force? Well I remember it. Since that point in time things have pretty much collapsed for Brady and the Pats. They lost the Superbowl (ahhahhahahahhaha!!!!!) and now the first game of the new season Brady is out for the year. Some might say it's just bad luck and you can't really blame a universal force of justice on the happenings, but I for one know better. You see my friends, there are football gods and they do not stand for brazen disregard of their rules and edicts. No one team (or man) can overcome their rulings and when they try they are promptly punished. So, hardy har har you Patriots fans. Oh and I'm sure Brady will be ready for next season because ACL injuries never have lasting effects...NOT!

Sidenote: I drafted him with my first pick in one of my fantasy leagues. I'm like 97% sure he got hurt just to fuck my team up.

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