Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I mean...what the hell is up with these guys? It's like a freaking cartoon. I think the Democrats suck too but I mean is it even up for debate that the Republicans are playing the role of the most sinister and evil organization ever? And Sarah Palin. Sarah fucking Palin. Has there ever been a more boneheaded or transparent VP choice ever in the history of veeps? I know everyone has heard about all the scandals at this point but let's do a quick recap:

- Hid pregnacy of Down Syndrome baby
- Fired her sisters' ex-husband from the police force because they had issues
- Her daughter Bristol (really?) is 7 months knocked up and unmarried
- Fiscally mismanaged Alaksa (presumably her strong point)

Duuuude. C'mon. I mean what's the deal here? She reminds me of the bitchy woman in charge of the PTA meetings. Some lady who thinks she's running some serious shit but in reality she's just a doofus in over her head. It's not even her fault really, it's just a horrible choice by McCain who is arguably running the worst campaign ever. Well except when Grover Cleveland ran on the "Baby's Are Overrated" platform. That in retrospect wasn't so smart. So here we have Barack Obama running a smooth stealthy campaign of suave excellence and the Republicans are just floundering. I actually saw today what they were up in arms about. Obama called Palin's town "Wasilly" instead of "Wasilla." What an asshole right? The super scary thing is is that they're still gonna be in it come November. You see, if you give the masses a choice between two similar options they get confused. This is why they put forth diametric opposites. You have to polarize the people to make them care. That's how this country works I guess, probably the world too. If everything were homogenized people wouldn't know what to do. So yeah, the Republicans are redonk.

Sidenote: How hot is Sarah Palin? I'm going 6.2/10. Just not into the whole housewife/sexy librarian look. Although that picture is fantastic. Poll.

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