Thursday, September 11, 2008

America's Got Talent

This is another one of those topics where I feel like I might be in the knowing minority in terms of declaring its excellence. Much like you I ruled off this show from the start. David Hasselhoff is a doof and a half, Sharon Osbourne is annoying as any British woman has ever been and Piers Morgan is seemingly a poor man's Simon Cowell. Now if you're anything like me you love American Idol. I'm one of those people who every year swears that I'm only going to watch the beginning part of A.I. to see the morons act a fool. Inevitably I end up getting sucked in and watch the entire show from start to finish. What can I say I fucking love American Idol. So this show I figured was just a lame rip-off intended to capitalize on A.I.'s success. I was so wrong. Granted, I haven't been watching from the beginning but last night a friend and I caught every act. It's awesome. So freaking awesome. There was a dude who sang "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera and killed it. There was an adorable little girl who sang, "Beauty and the Beast" and was probably the cutest little girl ever (we voted for her the maximum 10 times each.) There was even a weird Celtic/Country Jonas brothers/sisters group that really just made you feel good about yourself since you weren't them. Also there was a baton twirler guy who did fire stuff that really won me over. I'm not saying this show is even close to A.I. level but it does fill the gap between seasons so I recommend if you're not up to anything else on a Wednesday night check it out.

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