Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crossword Puzzles

I'm a sucker for crossword puzzles. Sudoku bows down at the feet of Crossword puzzle. I enjoy doing the Washington Post crossword puzzle because as far as puzzles go it's pretty easy but it still feels like you're accomplishing something by doing it. The Boston Globe's crossword sucks so I never do it, that paper just generally sucks to be honest. Sometimes when I'm up for a challange slash shattering my views on my own intelligence I fuck with the New York Times crossword (pictured). I don't think I've ever actually completed the NYT crossword but I've come close and it felt good...real good. There are also some crossword rules that one must follow to be a true crossword connoisseur. First, you must only use pen. If you see someone filling out a crossword with pencil they are a joke and should promptly be chastised and laughed at. Second under no circumstances ever, I repeat, ever should you resort to looking up answers on the internet or any other knowledge base. I used to have a friend, well more like an acquantience, actually more like mortal enemy who used to go on the internet to look up answers and then boldly declare that he finished a crossword. Seriously dude? I can't express just how wrong that is. Also, some people cross out the clues when they've answered them. I guess that's ok but it's kind of amateur hour if you ask me. Sometimes I'll circle a clue if I think I know the answer but I'm not confident enough yet to actually put it down. Those are the rules of crosswording. The ultimate irony of crosswords is that 90% of the information in crosswords is completely useless and really only applies to crosswords. I still love them and do them whenever my choices aren't the Boston papers.

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