Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Guess Obama Is Cool

I stopped being interested in politics after the 2000 Election. I used to be really into it but then I got disillusioned because that was some bullshit. Since then I really only get interested when George Bush makes some silly comment. I don't think people appreciate just how awesome George Bush is. He's comedic gold. No other president is gonna give us the awesome soundbites and fuck-ups quite like him. Regardless, I've been pretty skeptical about Obama. I was pulling for Hillary during the primaries. It's not that I think he's bad or anything I just think he's a little over the top. The "Yes We Can" stuff just seems so corny and manufactured to me. A lot of people who bought into him hook line and sinker have been getting upset that he's been flip flopping on a lot of issues. That's precisely why I didn't get all gung-ho about him. He's a politician. However, the other day he did something that completely won me over. He drained a 3-pointer in Kuwait. Now that is some hot shit. I don't care about his plans to bust the recession or to get out of Iraq or whatever. Drain a couple 3-pointers and we're good. If he ever dunks it's so over. So for your viewing pleasure here's Obama shooting the J.

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