Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight's Tale

A few days ago I had the pleasure of seeing the Dark Knight. Pretty awesome movie. It's a little long (2 1/2 hours) but not really slow or anything, it's just that a lot of things happen. Christian Bale is a decent enough Batman. I know a ton of people are on his nuts because they thought Batman Begins was soooo good. It was an OK movie people. Compared to Batman and Robin and Batman Forever it looks like a gold sandwich with jewel encrusted bread. I understand that, that's cool. But back to this new Batman. By far the best part of the movie is Heath Ledger. I won't go and write an effusive glowing review about how amazing the performance is and how he's totally going to get an Oscar for it. He's very good and probably will get a posthumous Oscar nod. He deserves that, he's creepy and cool and if I do end up seeing this movie again he'll be the main reason why. Maggie Gyllenhall was OK, but they really should have gotten a hotter girl. I love her too, she's great in Secretary (oh yeah) and I think she gives an amazingly understated awesome performance in Stranger Than Fiction (which is a sleeper movie). The action is good, the story is good, Gary Oldman is good. It's a good movie. I give it a solid 8.4/10. And just for fun I thought I'd rank all the Batman's from best to worst:

1. Batman
2. Batman Returns
3. The Dark Knight
4. Batman Begins
5. Batman Forever
6. Batman and Robin

Also just from talking with people a lot of people seem to hate on Batman Returns. To those who dare to do that I give a hearty fuck you. It's got a hot Michelle Pfeiffer, creepy Danny Devito and Michael Keaton who is still the best Batman (sorry Bale whores). I recommend you check this new one out because it's a worth a paying for which is saying a lot nowadays.

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