Tuesday, July 29, 2008

National Past Time: Fat People Falling

With so many options for YouTube videos nowadays it can be daunting when trying to find something really funny. I don't mean something kind of funny, or chuckle worthy, I mean a video that will make you shoot milk out your nose if you're one of those gross people who still drinks milk. Luckily we have a treasure trove of material brought to us by our portly friends. Not sure what it is but fat people love to attempt daring activities such as bike riding and walking. To normal people those things seem like regular kid stuff. But to a fat person that's basically the equivalent of running a triathlon or walking a tight rope. Lucky for us people often catch rotunds attempting these death defying stunts on video. Fat people falling is by far one of my favorite things ever. Enjoy.

See the kid almost dies and the mom still thinks it's hilarious. Proof.

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