Friday, July 25, 2008

Public Access Television

Here's the thing about Public Access TV, it fucking rules. Most people when flipping through the channels tend to pass these hidden gems because it's strange and foreign to them. Or they just hate it and I'm weird. Either way I'll tell you why next time you can't find anything on the TV you should hit up some local programming. First off let me tell you about some of the diamonds in the rough I've found. Squirrels and Jazz. That's right, Squirrels and Jazz. This was literally a program that consisted of someone filming squirrels running around various parks and recreational areas with avant garde jazz playing the whole time. Now, you may be saying dude, that sounds really lame. Well it was but you have to look much deeper than that. It's the thought that someone came up with the idea and then made the dream a reality.

Idea Man: "Dude, we should totally film squirrels and play jazz music."

Producer: "Genius!"

That still doesn't explain why I watched it and forced my friend to watch it for 10 minutes but still, you get my point.

Also another great thing about Local Access TV is that a lot of shows record live. So if you're lucky enough to catch one of the shows live you can call in and harass the hell out of them. In New York there are like a bazillion Local channels so the chances of stumbling upon a live one is pretty good. Example:

Here are some other solid examples of awesomeness:

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