Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breaking News: Tiebreaker on Jeopardy Tournament of Champions Semifinal

Some woman and some dude just tied on Jeopardy forcing a tie break. The lady won even though the guy was way cooler. Alex let us know that there hasn't been a tie in a tournament game for over 20 years. I'll place witnessing this somewhere in between what I imagine seeing the Dolphins win the Superbowl would be like and seeing a commercial for a food/drink that you happen to be eating at the time of watching said commercial. Solid.


An astute reader (guy with way too much time on his hands) has pointed out that Jeopardy is on summer hiatus and that this is from last November. Well chalk this one up to me being a doofus.

*Update to the Update*

So the guy who commented is this fellow, Andy Saunders, who I do not know. He's at least an 8.8 on the nerd scale. I think it's weird that Andy hit up a random blog just to correct my shit. I'm seriously thinking of putting Breaking News Jeopardy headlines in every so often just to fuck with him. Poll?

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Andy Saunders said...

"Breaking news"? It might have been breaking news last November.

Jeopardy!'s on summer hiatus; the show was a re-run.

Also, Alex was wrong; it's the fifth known time that there's been a tournament tie-breaker -- all of them in the last 20 years. The Help section of the J! Archive.com website has them all listed.