Thursday, August 7, 2008

Weather Bloopers

I love bloopers of all kinds. Well actually I don't like sports bloopers. They're never funny and are always accompanied by dorky sounds like, "Booiiiing." But that's beside the point. I mean anyone who has hung out with me when I have control over the remote knows I will without fail stop on America's Funniest Home Videos or Baby Bloopers anytime I see them which often leads to groans and vain attempts to wrestle the remote from my clutches. I'm really a sucker for Weather People bloopers though. Maybe because meteorologist is my safety job. I mean in what other profession can you be wrong like 70% of the time and still be doing an acceptable job? Oh right, President (1st political zinger hey-oooo). Anyways here's an awesome sampling of some of my favorite weather related bloopers. Enjoy!

Was that the greatest on camera collapse of all time?

I'd make fun of him but I would totally do the same thing. Maybe minus the voice but not the scream and freak out.

This man is my hero. "Exposed flesh could freeze!"

That first girl is adorable.

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Stating the Obvious said...

Clearly you watch a lot of television if there are people that know what you do with a remote.