Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jay Feely Can Suck a D

Perhaps the greatest off-season move the Dolphins have made this season is cutting the bitchtastic player known as Jay Feely. Feely was fucking awful. Sure he knocks in every field goal that's under 38 yards but the dude can't hit shit past there and was by far the worst kick-off man I have ever seen in my entire life. Not only was he a shitty player he was a loudmouth. A boisterous, blabbermouth kicker who sucked. Something told me that wasn't gonna fly under Bill Parcells' reign. So when rookie Dan Carpenter beat this fool out for the starting kicking job Jay Feely got sad and did what he does best, talked out of his ass. Says Feely of his outspoken personality (which by the way is just a polite way of saying he's a douche),
''I don't know that [personality] had any impact on the decision,'' Feely said. ``But it had an impact on their aloofness toward me from the beginning. Each coach talked to me about that, and I was willing. I stopped doing all interviews and stopped doing ESPN, maybe to the detriment of my own post-career."

Oh shut the fuck up you weiner. Aloofness? Get the fuck out of here. Post-career? Who do you think you are? Jay Feely is a loser has always been a loser and will continue to be a loser. Ask any fan of the teams he's played for. I'm sure Falcons and Giants fans are just jumping up to defend this waste of space. So happy trails Jay Feely best of luck sucking it up in the future.

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