Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pause/No Homo

By popular demand (one person counts as popular for this blog) I'm gonna broach the subject of "No Homo" and "Pause." This is fitting because I've actually been dropping this recently and getting a lot of blank stares and confused looks. Aight so, "No Homo" was coined by Cam'Ron (Killa!) a New York rapper. Since then tons of rappers have adopted it and basically made it a fixture in the lexicon of hip hop listeners and artists alike. So when does one use "No Homo?" It's easy. If you say something that can be interpreted as gay but you didn't really mean it like that you use "No Homo." For instance, "I love spotted dick and that guy's eating it all. I'm gonna have to go over there and bust his ass up." You would immediately have to say, "No Homo." This is less to identify that you are in fact not gay and more to acknowledge that you just said something that sounds really gay even though you in no way meant it to be that way. But please, use discretion. You can pretty much interpret anything as being gay if you have it on the brain (no homo). Innuendos are everywhere and if we point out every instance one is made we're never going to get anything done. However, this is a double edged sword. If you're too lax and you don't catch when you say something that clearly has a gay connotation don't worry, your friends can totally back you up (no homo). "Pause" is to be used when someone says something that everyone who's listening realizes sounded pretty gay but probably wasn't meant that way. A great example of how you should use pause can be found in this video:

Notice how Gus waits a few seconds just to see if Spike is gonna say "No Homo." When it's clear he's not going to (for good reason) Gus hits him with a "Pause." I'll leave you with Cam explaining the whole "No Homo" thing. Textbook. Basically, this concept can be taken too far very easily and you must use discretion. If you drop a "No Homo" after every questionable statement ironically people will begin to question your sexuality just for the fact you think everything is gay. So use it wisely and enjoy...a load on your face (no homo).

Cam explanation after the jump:

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