Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yeah This is Normal

CINCINNATI - An Ohio man who says he doesn't trust paper money has delivered enough coins to cover half the price of a brand new pickup truck.

Employees at a dealership in the Cincinnati suburb of Springdale say 70-year-old James Jones plunked down 16 coffee cans full of coins Tuesday for a new Chevrolet Silverado.

Salesman David Crisswell says employees spent 90 minutes counting the collection of dimes, quarters, half-dollars and dollar coins, which covered half the $16,000 price of the pickup.

Jones and his wife, Betty, wrote a check for the other half of the cost.

Jones' son says his dad has always preferred to pay with coins. Dennis Jones says he's most amazed that his penny-pinching father decided to replace his 1981 pickup, which struck his father when its parking brake failed last year, putting him in a hospital.

Uh yeah...So is this guy just a huge dick or just super super insane. I mean you can't go to the bank and deposit the coins and then just write a $16,000 check? Betty must be a saint, because this dude definitely has a few screws loose.

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Beijing Republic said...

When did coins cease to be money? Elitist.