Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What the Hell is Michael Phelps Listening To?

So Michael Phelps has been killing it in case you haven't been watching. He already has three gold medals in three events. World records in each no less. Yeah, I guess it could be his awesome athletic ability and immaculate training that's allowing him to crush his competitors, but I think we all know it's the music that's really getting it done. Every time I see him away from the pool he's got his earbuds in. So my question is, what the hell is he listening to? I like to think it's Sarah McLachlan's, "Angel" on repeat. I guess that would be creepy, but I mean you can't argue with the results. Poll Time.

An aside, you know how all the swimmers do that dolphin kick when they go off the wall? I mean that's one of the cooler things about swimming right? How about if there were actual dolphin races that were set up in some kind of elaborate Indy car type of underwater course. Yeah that's right, dolphin races. I really think that would be popular. I'm sure there's got to be some way this can be done, it's not cruel to dolphins they already keep them in confined spaces for dolphin shows. Anyways in the future I'm gonna go ahead and guarantee that there will be dolphin races. People will be going to the AquaDome (I'm trademarking that bitch) in their shiny silver unitards to place bets on the dolphin races. Book it.

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