Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympics Recap

Awwww, it's over? I guess we'll just have to find some actual sports to watch now. In case you missed them here are some highlights from the Beijing Olympic games:
  • Michael Phelps is better than you (8 golds in 8 events)
  • China cheats with little girls in gymnastics
  • If you get disqualified in Tae-kwan-do it is perfectly reasonable to kick the ref in the head
  • Usain Bolt isn't not fast
  • If they're showing any athletic event at 3:30 in the morning and I'm up, I will watch it
  • United States is the best, excluding cheaters
  • 90% of the Olympics should not be broadcast
  • The opening ceremonies were cool but too long
  • Ditto for the closing ceremonies
  • China is going to take over the world within 75 years
All in all I'd give this Olympics a 6.2/10. If the world still exists in 2012, London it'll be your turn to bore the fuck out of everyone.

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