Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Olympics

First of all what's going on with that logo guy? I don't know if using an image of a stick person having an epileptic seizure is the best way to make the Olympics seem appealing, but what do I know. Ah yes, the Olympics. Sporting events that no one really cares about played by people who we've never heard of.


 The summer Olympics in my opinion is the inferior of the two games. At least in the winter you get cool stuff like the luge and that one year John Candy got a bobsled team together. The summer games totally blow. And now thanks to all the 24 hour news networks we get more coverage than ever. So now if you want to watch handball or trampoline at 3:31 am you're covered. You might be thinking, "You're being too harsh. The Olympics aren't so awful." Well unfortunately if you think that you're an idiot. I defy anyone to find me 3 legitimately interesting sports. The thing is most of them are tolerable, but that's not a reason to watch a sport. Literally the only reason to tune in for this years' games is to see how China is gonna screw everything up. That country is pretty nuts. Look at this:

What the shit is that? Some fucked up cross between a troll doll and a teletubby is supposed to get me into the Olympics? Smooth moves China, you really won me over with that one. All that being said I'll probably end up watching synchronized swimming or archery for like 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon.

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